KY-F600 power distribution terminal

KY-F600 distribution automation control terminal is developed for the switch on the column, combined with our company's many years of experience in the research and development of relay protection devices, measurement and control devices, communication devices, and distribution network automation and field operation. It can quickly and stably achieve line protection, measurement, It is an automatic intelligent system integrating control, monitoring, communication, telecontrol and other functions. It is widely used in distribution networks (urban and rural networks). The control operation of primary equipment such as tie switch can identify transient faults and permanent faults of the line, automatically eliminate the impact of transient faults on the line, and isolate the permanent fault section to avoid long-term large-scale power outages and automatically restore non-faulty areas. It can supply power from the grid, so as to realize the automation of distribution network safely and reliably.

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power distribution terminal

KY-F600 power distribution terminal

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